Dienstag, 18. März 2014

Travelreport: Chemnitzer Linux Tage

So, this is my first conference where i am wearing a different jersey, i switched from a green one to a brand new blue one.

On Friday i started my journey. I stopped in Frankfurt for a short meeting and made my way to Chemnitz right after that (571km, 5:10 hrs). It was a nice day to it the 'autobahn' and except for 12km stop and go while leaving Frankfurt there was no interruption.

Saturday, first day of CLT, it started right at 8:30 in the morning. I was quite impressed by the amount of people visiting the CLT. As always, many people stopping by to ask questions about fedora or just to tell that they are already using Fedora and like it.
Very few people just came around to get some technical support or ask about the next features (maybe i should say Fedora.NEXT features).

As a note to myself:
  • someone should write a "Kickstart Fedora"-Book, there was a guy who asked for it and thought the documentation is just to much as a starting guide
  • I must do a feature request or "loook", which seems to be available in a new version, a friendly lady at the OpenOffice booth asked for it
Sunday, means sleeping a bit longer, as the CLT starts at 9:00 am. Mostly the same as on Saturday :-)

I drove home 4:50 hrs, and arrived on 22:15.
3 days, 1142 km across the republic, i really enjoyed it :-)

As you can easily see, we have an 3D printer :-)