Freitag, 7. März 2014

Running devstack on Fedora (Heisenbug)

Last week i played around with devstack on my home development server (actually an old Core2Duo notebook). I have tried it once on an Centos 6.5 machine, but as it seems the differ a bit, so it was not easy to get it going.

First the basics, i cloned devstack via git to my home folder
git clone
now, we need to create a stack user. There is a command available for this
and we need to change the ownership of the stack folder
chown -R stack:stack /home/stack
now we need to create a local.conf file. I choosed the minimal and added some lines, as the rabbitmq didnt work out on my setup i changed the used erlang server
disable_service rabbit
enable_service qpid

right after that we run
./ local.conf
to compile it, everything went fine so far. Quite nice, devstack opens a screen with all the output which is given by the different components.
Then there was some trouble accessing the webinterface, caused by SELinux, so for a short workaround it just did a
setenforce 0
and the login side showed up.