Mittwoch, 19. März 2014

Fedora on Raspberry PI (Pidora)

After quite a long time i finally bought an Raspberry Pi Model B. Many people i know use them for months (or a year) now, and we already use them at the company where we dont need a huge machine.

As i would like ferdora to run on it, let me introduce you to Pidora.
Its an fedora remix to run on Raspberry and  currently version Fedora 18 is available.

The installation (which is currently ongoing) seems to be quite and easy. Lets take a look of the steps you need to do

  1. Follow the instractions on the Fedora Raspberry side and install "fedora arm-installer 
    yum install fedora-arm-installer
  2. You can obtain the Pidora version from here
  3. Now its easy, open the installer, choose the .img file, choose the target device and press install
So, now i will connect it to my television and see what happen

[...some minuits later...]

Okay, worked, after booting (or actually powering the system) a setup menu showed up, one powercycle later the system was available.

Some things to mention:
  • sshd starts automatically
  • the network is set to dhcp
  • the firewalld is off by default
so you can start using ssh to yourvi /et box :-)