Mittwoch, 28. August 2013

openSUSE new idea

My openFATE request

I really would like to discuss the current release circle.

I know it was a community discussion which lead to this 8 month timeline. But i guess it would be best to change this again.
In my mind it would be best to support tumbleweed more and release a stable evergreen like distribution with 2 years release cycle
and minor changes from tumbleweed upstream.

The release should include:
* A Desktop system like we already have
* A server system (kernel, software)
* Proffesional "forks" like terminal server, small business

The new release cycle (like seen in the picture):
For example called openSUSE 14
Every two years, the tumbleweed will be freezed for evergreen release.
Every 6 month any minor change of software will be pushed to 14.n+1 until the release of the next major openSUSE release