Montag, 10. September 2012

Finally it works... Canyon Edge view_ Mageia

on the weekend i gave a try to Mageia.

It took a while to set it up, mainly caused by graphic issues. My Nvidia 7200 GS isnt that well supported by the shipped moveau driver. And setting up the mageia box is a bit tricky if you dont have an x windows to set your wifi and such things. But some guys on the mageia forum pointed me in the right direction. Comming from openSUSE it is quite different.

Mageia vs. openSUSE

  • zypper VS rpmi and drake
    installing the Software works fine on X window, there is a "great mageia control center", trying using the console leads to urpmX where X could be i for install, e for erase anf f for find (i guess)

  • SUSEFirewall VS shorewall
    i was really happy to se that mageia have a setup and running firewall right after install

in addition, i first tried gnome, which sucks, really. I dont like it, and it died right after reboot, giving me everything twice, logout button, starting button, everything. KDE looks very good and was easy to install using just one meta package. Yes openSUSE also has this meta packages, but last time i failed using it :-)

I dont know how long i will use it... we will see!