Dienstag, 28. August 2012

very quiet here...

... so i maybe i should tell you what i have done the last weeks.

  1. First of all i was on vacation. Just reading some old books like "Sword of thruth" from Terry Goodkind. I saw "The Legend of the seeker" on Lovefilm and must read the books again, and there was much missing from the story. So i guess if you really like fantasy you should read the books too

  2. I was at Froscon and listend to some lectures on MariaDB and Python. Monty gave a talk on MariaDB which was quite impressing, i guess they are able to be the leading MySQL Server during the next years. I also visited the booth of SkySQL and talked to the sales people. They will support MariaDB 10-galera which maybe is a good replacement for the MySQL Cluster.
    In addition to that i joined the Froscon Crew and helped at the entrance and on the social event.

  3. I tried to test the RC2 of openSUSE 12.2 which was not fun, the installer reset my display every 6 seconds and (usr/sbin(grub was missing so i couldnt install the system completly. But maybe there is an issue with my desktop PC at home, i also had problems re installing 12.1, grub does not work, installing from the live system worked. strange!

  4. On my work i currently do a lot of stuff on DNS and Suse Enterprise regarding an hugh setup. Maybe i can provide more information in an week or two. I am playing around with an AutoYAST setup, stay tuned

Thats it, or maybe not, i turned 33 last week....