Donnerstag, 2. August 2012

[FreeBSD/SUSE] webhosting setup idea (?)

Last week i had a short discussion on how to setup an webhosting server. I had a idea which would, or better should, work on FreeBSD and SUSE, the basic setup would be build with

On FreeBSD side

  • Jails

  • Nginx

On Suse side

  • Containers

  • Nginx

As the usage of containers and jails are quite similar to each other i will mostly describe the idea with the word jails.

The usage of Nginx:
Nginx is maybe one of the most powerfull webservers you can use. A really great job it does when it comes to use as a proxy. So we use Nginx as proxy which takes the external traffic and balance it to the jailed apache. So, next week i have my summer holidays. And i guess i will work on this idea.

The usage of Jails/Containers:
With the help of Jails we can reduce the system usage of a single customer. It works like you know it from chroot. But we can limit memory and cpu usage of each jailed environment. So we setup an very minimal apache system and jail it, we can give an ip adress to each jail like which we can proxy with nginx.


Maybe if someone of  an idea, or already use such a setup please send me an mail to
j AT stephanws DOT de and tell me :-)


Hopefully i can report a working setup during the next two weeks (keep fingers crossed :-)