Dienstag, 28. August 2012

very quiet here...

... so i maybe i should tell you what i have done the last weeks.

  1. First of all i was on vacation. Just reading some old books like "Sword of thruth" from Terry Goodkind. I saw "The Legend of the seeker" on Lovefilm and must read the books again, and there was much missing from the story. So i guess if you really like fantasy you should read the books too

  2. I was at Froscon and listend to some lectures on MariaDB and Python. Monty gave a talk on MariaDB which was quite impressing, i guess they are able to be the leading MySQL Server during the next years. I also visited the booth of SkySQL and talked to the sales people. They will support MariaDB 10-galera which maybe is a good replacement for the MySQL Cluster.
    In addition to that i joined the Froscon Crew and helped at the entrance and on the social event.

  3. I tried to test the RC2 of openSUSE 12.2 which was not fun, the installer reset my display every 6 seconds and (usr/sbin(grub was missing so i couldnt install the system completly. But maybe there is an issue with my desktop PC at home, i also had problems re installing 12.1, grub does not work, installing from the live system worked. strange!

  4. On my work i currently do a lot of stuff on DNS and Suse Enterprise regarding an hugh setup. Maybe i can provide more information in an week or two. I am playing around with an AutoYAST setup, stay tuned

Thats it, or maybe not, i turned 33 last week....

Donnerstag, 2. August 2012

[FreeBSD/SUSE] webhosting setup idea (?)

Last week i had a short discussion on how to setup an webhosting server. I had a idea which would, or better should, work on FreeBSD and SUSE, the basic setup would be build with

On FreeBSD side

  • Jails

  • Nginx

On Suse side

  • Containers

  • Nginx

As the usage of containers and jails are quite similar to each other i will mostly describe the idea with the word jails.

The usage of Nginx:
Nginx is maybe one of the most powerfull webservers you can use. A really great job it does when it comes to use as a proxy. So we use Nginx as proxy which takes the external traffic and balance it to the jailed apache. So, next week i have my summer holidays. And i guess i will work on this idea.

The usage of Jails/Containers:
With the help of Jails we can reduce the system usage of a single customer. It works like you know it from chroot. But we can limit memory and cpu usage of each jailed environment. So we setup an very minimal apache system and jail it, we can give an ip adress to each jail like which we can proxy with nginx.


Maybe if someone of  an idea, or already use such a setup please send me an mail to
j AT stephanws DOT de and tell me :-)


Hopefully i can report a working setup during the next two weeks (keep fingers crossed :-)