Donnerstag, 19. Juli 2012

Give it a try

Caused a long experience using personal computers for over 16 years there are several operating systems which show up in my mind mostly every year. These are

  • SUSE (now: openSUSE)

  • Solaris  (now: OpenSolaris or OpenIndiana)

  • and FreeBSD

When i remember right, my first SUSE was 6.0 which i got from a friend who buyed a copy. I started with Linux some months ago with an RedHat 5.1 i bought from DataBecker. During the years i switched several times to other distributions and gave them a try. FreeBSD was the second "open source" software i used.  It was quite different, but it was great, later when i got an very old laptop, it was an Siemens Nixdorf 486, it was great to have an OS like FreeBSD which ran great on it. I used Solaris because iw was a fan of SUN. I guess had up to 15 Sparc machines around sometimes (IPX, IPC, Sparcstation, Ultrasparc).

So sometimes these OSes come back to my mind and i give them a try.

Currently i am locked in on an PC-BSD machine. And guys, like the topic says: GIVE IT A TRY

It runs great. Very easy installation. And my PC, which is not that old, runs better than before (switched from opensuse 12.1)
last pid: 44624; load averages: 0.16, 0.50, 0.79 up 2+22:23:04 18:59:09
132 processes: 1 running, 130 sleeping, 1 zombie
CPU: 8.7% user, 0.0% nice, 2.4% system, 0.2% interrupt, 88.8% idle
Mem: 1174M Active, 1382M Inact, 601M Wired, 83M Cache, 353M Buf, 92M Free
Swap: 2000M Total, 3692K Used, 1996M Free

and having Eclipse, Chromium, Pidgin, several xterms, an openvpn gate and  Sylpheed open. Well that doesnt worked on opensuse before.

So if you have the time and resources, go to download a livecd and try it!