Donnerstag, 7. Juni 2012

Thoughts about Openindiana & Co

So, i tried it. But i am back on a very very short journey to the (free or open or just SUNs thought ho it should be) solaris world.

I guess it is time to review what i thought i could find there and what i thought. To be honest, if parts ore everything of my opinion is wrong, just tell me, i really would be happy if iam wrong and there would be nothing i would like to do more than drop my Linux box and switch back. I promise!

So, lets start with openindiana. Openindiana is great. But there are just a few people working on it. This guys works really hard! But i think it will take almost another year to have a stable release. What you can do, take the iso and install your system, it runs great, the performance is okay but the boot takes quite long, but that is caused by the solaris kernel. You can install the system and you can work with it. I worked with Netbeans, Firefox and Thunderbird, and it really fits my needs during normal days.
A deficit is the lack of software you get. The repos doesn't have much and most software is a bit outdated, currently you will not be able to get any security patches or something like that. The kernel is still the same as in opensolaris. So currently you can have a fork of opensolaris, nothing else.
There are quite a few people working hard on improving this point, but if you are new you don't find many things you can work with. I was talking to people and sure i got help, the guys spend a lot of time trying to help, but i guess everybody of the openindiana crew has his special way of fixing things and build software.

That just brings me to the other piece, illumian. Here really everybody seems to have his own branch. If you talk to 3 people, and i didn't find much more willing to talk on the freenode channel, anybody points you to a different git, mercurial or whatever repository which should help build software, but i never get it done, maybe my fault.


So what i will do, i will keep an eye on the mailing list and hope (really really hope) that they can build a release. If they provide a stable howto on their wiki page on how to build software i will try again. I will _NOT_ drop the virtualmachine which i tried building with. I will start the machine from time to time, perform an pkg update and try gmake build again. Maybe we meet again next year or so, so long, this should be the end of my openindiana journey...