Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012

Lets talk about the benefits

There are a lot of thoughts around regarding openSUSE this days. Sometimes, i think the discussion leads into the wrong direction. So first of all, lets say it clear

I am an openSUSE user.

I use it on my home PC, on my Notebook on at least a home and a productive server, even on my desktop at work i have it. Why do i use it. Mostly because i like openSUSE. Maybe because its mostly developed in Nürnberg/Germany. But for sure i use it cause its great! openSUSE is a great piece of work. Okay, for sure i play around with some other distributions like Centos, Debian, Ubuntu, Openindiana and illumian, but that never changed my mind.

So lets talk about the benefits:

  1.     We have OBS. I guess this sentence could stand alone. For those who are not in touch with it, let me explain. I will not explain what OBS is, that would much blabla, for me its a point where i can get Software! Thats it, i search OBS for my latest postgresql or newest apache (firefox, Office, whatever) and for sure there is a banch of people who mantain it and you can easily add it to your openSUSE, always the latest version, so stay up to date, no other distribution have it (okaym, no other distribution give it as a repo, for sure you can use Arch or Gentoo and build ityourself)

  2.     We have Yast. The maybe greatest administration tool you can get. A single point where you can configure mostly all parts of your system. There is autoyast if you want to clone your systems.

  3.     We ship BtrFS. And we have developers who work on it. And thanks to snapper we have it integrated into yast and zypper. So you can rollback any missconfiguration you have done.

  4.     So, we have zypper. Zypper is the packagemangment tool you need. Take a look at the options, its great and well designed. Even you can simply interact with ruby or perl with the libzypp.

  5.     There is a great community around. You can get help via forums, IRC, mailinglists even google+ and facebook will work. We support many many languages.

  6.     We have local ambassadors. Take a look around.Sure you will find someone close to your location.

  7.     We have people working hard on openSUSE. The real stars behind it, like Jos, just to mention one, which i think have sleeples nights just to make openSUSE better and better.

  8. And, we want you to get involved.

So, have a lot of fun :-)