Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012

What do you use? dyndns?

i guess there are many answers to the question above. The most famous maybe is DynDns. I just found a solution which seems a bit 'nicer'. Have you ever heard of




well its new.

  1. It supports ddclient

  2. It supports inadyn

  3. It has a resolver service

  4. It supports mail routing

  5. All nameservers are based in high quality data centers across Germany

  6. Its absolutly free

So try it.

I tried it and it works! I use it for my openindiana homebox. The steps to use it are quit simple.

  1. Create an new account at

  2. Get ddclient (maybe from

  3. Setup the config

    and adjust login and password

  4. Start ddclient
    ./ddclient -file config_file

  5. Add a cronjob , here is mine<
    20,40 * * * * /home/jstephan/ddclient-3.7.3/ddclient -file ddclient.conf

  6. Send emails to the owner of dynni and tell them that you read about dynni in my blog:-)

UPDATE! It took two weeks now to fix an issue that i had with my crontab. To be honest, it didnt work :-) But i fixed it. So, here an update on what ive learnend.
To get an shell script running, and this ddclient call act as one, you need to edit your /etc/default/cron file and add

So now it works.