Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012

Dont miss illumian!

As we all know, okay, some of us know, Opensolaris is dead for a while now. Oracle closed the community some weeks after the bought SUN. I really liked Opensolaris. So iam really glad that the ideas was picked up.

So ILLUMOS was formed. Illumos basically provides the SUN Solaris kernel. There are two projects which use the kernel and the newly formed illumos-userland. These are

  • Openindiana
    Openindiana is a full fork of Opensolaris. Which provides the same environment as solaris does. So you have zones, crossbow, zfs, etc. There is no difference betwen opensolaris and openindiana and you can upgrade from opensolaris to openindiana.

  • Illumian
    We have the same base benefits like openindiana but we have APT. The repomangment like in Debian.  Illumian (if i got it right) could be the next base distribution for NEXENTA which also is a combinaton of solaris and ubuntu.

I will try to work on the illumos-userland to bring some more packages and fixes. To be honest it is a bit hard. Also because there is heavy work going on and every week brings some new features and the base changes. But i will try to do it :-)

So what do i miss?

  • MariaDB will be one thing i work on, i guess MariaDB should be part of illumos-userland

  • Keepalived the loadbalancer software

  • Maybe postfix would be nice