Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

Linux vs. Solaris: Crontab

The crontab on solaris is a bit different to Linux.

Great is that you can use the same command on both system to get access

crontab -e

A bit strange, if you want to add a job which runs every 5 minuits you simply add a line like on Linux:

*/5 * * * * command you want to run

On Solaris this is

0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55 * * * * command you want to run

According to my research via google this is caused by the V7 standard which Solaris uses.

Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012

Dont miss illumian!

As we all know, okay, some of us know, Opensolaris is dead for a while now. Oracle closed the community some weeks after the bought SUN. I really liked Opensolaris. So iam really glad that the ideas was picked up.

So ILLUMOS was formed. Illumos basically provides the SUN Solaris kernel. There are two projects which use the kernel and the newly formed illumos-userland. These are

  • Openindiana
    Openindiana is a full fork of Opensolaris. Which provides the same environment as solaris does. So you have zones, crossbow, zfs, etc. There is no difference betwen opensolaris and openindiana and you can upgrade from opensolaris to openindiana.

  • Illumian
    We have the same base benefits like openindiana but we have APT. The repomangment like in Debian.  Illumian (if i got it right) could be the next base distribution for NEXENTA which also is a combinaton of solaris and ubuntu.

I will try to work on the illumos-userland to bring some more packages and fixes. To be honest it is a bit hard. Also because there is heavy work going on and every week brings some new features and the base changes. But i will try to do it :-)

So what do i miss?

  • MariaDB will be one thing i work on, i guess MariaDB should be part of illumos-userland

  • Keepalived the loadbalancer software

  • Maybe postfix would be nice


Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012

What do you use? dyndns?

i guess there are many answers to the question above. The most famous maybe is DynDns. I just found a solution which seems a bit 'nicer'. Have you ever heard of




well its new.

  1. It supports ddclient

  2. It supports inadyn

  3. It has a resolver service

  4. It supports mail routing

  5. All nameservers are based in high quality data centers across Germany

  6. Its absolutly free

So try it.

I tried it and it works! I use it for my openindiana homebox. The steps to use it are quit simple.

  1. Create an new account at

  2. Get ddclient (maybe from

  3. Setup the config

    and adjust login and password

  4. Start ddclient
    ./ddclient -file config_file

  5. Add a cronjob , here is mine<
    20,40 * * * * /home/jstephan/ddclient-3.7.3/ddclient -file ddclient.conf

  6. Send emails to the owner of dynni and tell them that you read about dynni in my blog:-)

UPDATE! It took two weeks now to fix an issue that i had with my crontab. To be honest, it didnt work :-) But i fixed it. So, here an update on what ive learnend.
To get an shell script running, and this ddclient call act as one, you need to edit your /etc/default/cron file and add

So now it works.

Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2012

Ever thought about mytop ?

Work related i do a lot of things with MySQL/MariaDB. If you ever wanted to real-time monitor your system i guess you want to use mytop as well
S | Name  | Summary               | Type
| mytop | A top Clone for MySQL | package

you can easily install it with
zypper in mytop

Now you can start it with
mytop -p <passord> -s 1

The option

  • -p tell it to use the password during connection

  • -s <seconds> tells the update intervall

Now you should see something like
MySQL on localhost (5.5.23-MariaDB-mariadb1~squeeze-log)   up 24+03:17:13 [11:27:05]
Queries: 271.0 qps: 0 Slow: 0.0 Se/In/Up/De(%): 121540/00/00/00
qps now: 2 Slow qps: 0.0 Threads: 2 ( 1/ 17) 00/00/00/00
Key Efficiency: 98.8% Bps in/out: 0.0/ 0.8 Now in/out: 41.4/11.3k

Id User Host/IP DB Time Cmd Query or State
-- ---- ------- -- ---- --- --------------
47030 root localhost 0 Query show full processlist
47033 froxlor localhost:47453 froxlor 57 Sleep

Mittwoch, 2. Mai 2012

[openSUSE] Something strange...

... happens every day.

Some days ago i switched to the latest factory snapshot of openSUSE 12.2. Right after the first boot after installation my screen turns black and i cant access any console. Strange, i played around with the x11failsafe which worked, and thought the problem is maybe part of the mode selections suse does to get a beautiful screen. so i did
bootoption: nomodest

and it worked. I made an bug report and changed the default boot-loader settings to always do this nomodeset. But more strange...

On monday my boss allowed me to use SLED (SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop) for a 60day trial first and the option to buy a license if it does the job. And i had just the same problem (on a total different hardware regarding ATINvidia, chipset, processor) nomodeset fixed it again. But it shouldn't be made that way.

As i was told some minuits ago it is also possible to do switch NO_KMS_IN_INITRD to "yes" and a new initrd is generated, which should solve the problem also. I will test it later at home.