Donnerstag, 19. April 2012

[OpenIndiana] On a Server

I just played around and did a reinstall of openindiana on a virtual server. It works fine, so far. I will run an webserver (Apache and MariaDB) on it. So some usefull steps to go there:

Setup the networking, that is quite easy.

  1. dldadm show-link
    this identificates your network adapter
    Now we need to disable the nwam on your physical networking
    svcadm disable network/physical:nwam
    and enable the default config
    svcadm enable network/physical:default
    i have an rtls0 netwok card which was shown by the dldadm command so i setup the ip address like
    echo > /etc/hostname.rtls0
    with an
    svcadm restart network/physical:default #restarts the adapter and sets the ip
    route add default # adds a default route should also be working via
    # echo '' > /etc/defaultroute
    mv /etc/nsswitch.dns /etc/nsswitch.conf # some changes to the nsswitch, which are not default
    echo 'nameserver' > etc/resolv.conf # setting a nameserver , here google
    So thats it
    ping is alive

  2. So now we need ssh, okay i need it
    svcadm enable ssh
    svcadm restart ssh

  3. Now we should install Apache
    pkg install pkg:/web/server/apache-22
    pkg install pkg:/web/server/apache-22/module/apache-php5These are the packages we need basically to get apache an running it, you can find packages via
    pkg search <string>
    and you should the the whole package pathNow, MariaDB, there is a prebuld solrais11 package around at  you just can download it and follow the INSTALL-BINARY guide, i will do the same and write an little howto on that topic in an later post

So, thats it


PS: What i really forgot is setting the netmask, so i have problems on my test
ifconfig rtls0 netmask fixed it, of course you need this route after reboot so you maybe at a line to /etc/netmasks telling
<ip-address> <netmask>