Mittwoch, 25. April 2012

[OpenIndiana] On a desktop

I did a fresh install of openindiana on my Desktop. First of all it worked with no problem.

So, if you want to install it too you should download the livecd first (here). If you boot the livecd you will see the Gnome Desktop (The old Version 2) There is a little helperprogram which shows you the setup of your computer and if the components are supported

In German it is the "Gerätetreiber Dienstprogramm" never saw the english name for it, but its right on the desktop.

So if everything works you can start the installer. There are no problems, choose a disk (i have choosen my sda) and set user and admin. What really sucks (!!!) is that your root passwort is expired right after you start your pc again, so maybe choose a weak one first, you need to change it anyway.

Thats the reason why your prog manager does not start :-) The password is expired.

I would recommend to go to the console, become root ("su -") and install a new pkg version by

  • pkg install package/pkg

and do a

  • pkg update