Donnerstag, 22. März 2012

What have i done (Feb/March 2012)

It was geeting a bit quite in this blog. So maybe time to tell what i have done.

  • I disabled my swap on my openSUSE desktop. What was quite fun. If you are running out of memory the Xorg is killed. Nice graphic, i really can tell.

  • I played around with froxlor ( ) on both, openSUSE and Debian. I really would like to see an repo which contains it.

  • I played around with OpenIndiana. Quite nice, i was always a friend of SUN and Solaris, so i played around if you want some more information i started another blog RunOnOpen which maybe give some more details on how to use OpenIndiana on servers

  • I found out that BtrFS slows down my system quite offen. When i take a look on 'top' there is mostly a snapshot running.

  • I did a lot reading about MariaDB and switched most of my private databases.

Thats it so far, i hope there will be better news and posts next month