Dienstag, 14. Februar 2012

What comes (12.2, Evergreen)

So, my last post was released some time ago. So what happens since that?

I have seen some post the first milestone of 12.2 is on the way. Trying to find some changelog information was somekind of hard. But i took a look at the current factory versions and i guess they should fit too


i did some search for the packages i normally use ( apache2, php5 and mariadb) and just found only minor changes at the factory list, so while i hope that thats not honored by a list which is not up to date, there should be no problem on my webserver.


I followed some discussion by the evergreen project. As you can see Evergreen ist the LTS version on openSUSE side, or better it should become the LTS. Currently there is a lot of ongoing discussion


some of the discussion is usefull (in my opinion) the other stuff is quite boring. In my mind the biggest problem is how to mark a release as evergreen. You cant have every version supported, i guess thats a fact, so maybe every **.2 release should be marked as evergreen. In my opnion 12.1 would be a bad choice to be LTS, caused by to many problems. 11.4 could be LTS for sure, it was a good and stable release (which still runs on my notebook and "live" server systems)

So, we will see what comes :-)