Montag, 23. Januar 2012

The release event revisited

Key-Systems, a domain registrar from the Saarland with more than 3.2 million domains , as the main sponsor of the event, could welcome openSUSE enthusiastic from the Saarland and the adjacent France  at the premises of the company.

It was a lively exchange about the new technologies related to openSUSE but also from other parts of the open source world.

We were able to experience live one a Nokia N9. The Nokia N9 is a smartphone which Meegoo as well as a full shell (BusyBox) and an SSH server contains.
On the other hand, there was a glimpse of the possibilities the Nepomuk Systemd and KDE 4.7 to have an SSD powered notebook.

There were also lively exchanges about Btrfs and snapper, which were presented by the administrators of the SkyWay Data Center. In this context, it was SUSE insiders, a brief overview of the features of the new Service Pack 2 for SUSE ENTERPRISE SERVER will bring with it. The subject of linux container and the opportunities it brings with it, such as the exact allocation of resources or individual CPU cores Rambänken and the switch between these resouces have been in operation to feel very welcome.
With this technology it is now possible to the failure of individual processors, but not prevent, but to shift the impact of such a hardware replacement and restart at least until the night maintenance window.