Sonntag, 1. Januar 2012

Happy New Year 2012

So 2011 is just ending, or better it ended some hours ago.

In January we will have our openSUSE release event at key-systems headquarter in st. Ingbert/Germany. I hope a lot of people join in. We will have free DVD and some snacks and free soft drinks.

The release version is great. I told you about the features in some other posts. Again, systemd, btrfs and snapper are great. Just some few issues which need to be solved till 12.2 but I guess we new it, that's one reason (for me) why it's not a 12.0 maybe it should have been called 11.5.

For me in personell I would like to see OpenIndiana come around in a stable manner and have its wiki and stuff spread some more information. I like it, it's a great piece of open software see here

On.OpenSUSE side hope we get grub 2running so we can have booting from an btrfs partition. That would be great. In addition an true openSUSE server version sounds fun. With kernel, meta packages and all the stuff.


So, enjoy 2012