Freitag, 2. Dezember 2011

Strange, someone has an idea?

So, i told you about the minor Problems. The behaviour of my Thinkpad is still strange.

  1. Boot takes about a minuite

  2. Shutdown leads to kernel panic

  3. Parts of the system just freeze

A bit more details

  1. When booting it comes to an harddisk related issues. Directly after mounting the / partition i hangs for about 40sec before it really starts up.

  2. It was strange, the green screen of openSUSE just stood there and after some minuits i just switched them off. Yesterday i pressed the ESC button early enough to see it is running to an kernel panic. But, it is not written to disc and i only could see some last lines of the stack output

  3. When i open some software windows, for example Firefox , Kate and an java app. Sometimes i can browse the web but i cant switch to any other running app. Even the KDE Menue button does not work.
    Dmesg or syslog does not show anything.

So, maybe someone has an idea or an hint on this points?!?