Sonntag, 13. November 2011

The Packman Repo (cause of sox)

This post does not target any server specific issue. But aims on showing you another repo wich is not already placed in the official OpenSuse repository.

This is called Packman

In this repo you can find many software pakets which you maybe need. I found the repo while trying to convert some of my .ogg files to .mp3. A forum just told me that i could do it just with
sox file.ogg file.mp3

maybe it is really that easy but not with the sox from the OpenSuse repo, so i found the packman repo

In case of 11.4 just do a
sudo zypper addrepo ''

and you will be able to install pakets fom this repo
zypper refresh
zypper in sox

told me to do a
zypper install sox-14.3.2-26.5.x86_64

and now it works.
For all who have a directory full of ogg files just do
for x in *.ogg ; do sox $x `echo $x|awk -F . '{print $1 ".mp3"}'`; done

and Have a lot of fun :-)