Montag, 21. November 2011

openSUSE 12.1 - installation and features

openSUSE 12.1 is just released, to have some of the very nice features i need to setup a complete new system. So what features are the one you want to have

  • Btrfs - Btrfs is a new filesystem which make usage of B-trees so take a look at with this FS we can have a very great feature

  • snapper - snapper is a new system which comes around with openSUSE 12.1 it can handle Btrfs snapshots and gives new features to openSUSE such as restoring config files after a failure or restore failed upgrades.

So lets get started. To Install my new serversystem i use the netinstall cd. On the boot screen i do some changes.

  • use VESA textinsstall

  • use german (sorry, the screenshots will be german in most parts)

  • set network options

The first interesting point during the installation is choosing what to installthere you should go for the minimal serversystem. This includes the minimal features like openssh server and the base system.

We do this new install just for the btrfs system so the second screen which is important will be the partitions.This partition scheme is mostly the default. I am installing on an virtual server, thats why you find an qemu image there.

  • sda1 the /boot partition still needs to be ext4 because openSUSE does not actually support booting the kernel out of btrfs. This is also caused by grub.

  • sda2 is the swap partition

  • sda3 the / system will be btrfs

So, finally what will happen Now we will do the installation. On my side thats just it. There should be no further problem. The installation did just work whithout any problems. After some minuits (depending on your network connection) the machoine should perform an reboot and you should be welcome by

Thats it. Now you should do the normal stuff like starting ssh and open the firewall for the openssh server via yast.

I f you are interested on what btrfs has done to your system

Have a lot of fun