Dienstag, 15. November 2011

MySQL migrate to MariaDB

I just thought it is the right time to do a switch. So i will switch from MySQL Community Server to MariaDB.

So first whats the difference

As you can see there is just a little difference in the version number. What does this means to us? If you need some overview on the main differences there are several knowledgebases provided by Monty

So with a bit of reading we have found out that both SQL servers should be replaceble with each other cause they are full comaptible.

so, lets get it started
first of all i saved my MySQL data
cp /var/lib/mysql/mysql/* mysql_bak/

than, the afterall easiest step
zypper in mariadb mariadb-client

it was just easy. There will show up two questions. Which will tell you that you need to deinstall MySQL in that casem so something like that
Problem: mysql-community-server-5.1.53-4.7.1.x86_64 conflicts
with namespace:otherproviders(mysql) provided by
 Solution 1: deinstallation of
 Solution 2: do not install mariadb-5.1.55-0.5.1.x86_64

So solution 1 just will work. After that you can simply restart mysql via
service mysql restart

and it just worked.