Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

User managment for FTP

After succesfully setting up an vsftp server, we should think about the usermanagment.  So we want to add a user which just has specific rights which allows ftp connection. So first, an overview on what we want to do with such an user

  • accesss webspace via ftp

and nothing more i guess.

So what to do. The first step is to use YAST :-) So we can find out the settings and maybe if we have all parameters we need, we can automate this procedure later.

Yast offers us an  Security and Users with option User and group Management. we just add a normal users and change the behaviour in the details tab.

  • Home Directory => /srv/www/vhosts/<subdomain>

  • Login Shell => /bin/false

  • Default Group => www

Some explain about this,
the home directory should just be the subdomain, so we just set this option the the fullpath /srv/www/vhosts/, with the Login Shell option we choose to not allow the login via ssh, the default group is just set to www because of the directory will be owned by www.